What I create

3D Domain

3D DOMAIN: Models
Organic/Non-Organic models,
digital sculptures
and level design

3D Domain

3D DOMAIN: Textures
Hand-Painted and digital 3D DOMAIN: Textures
Hand-Painted and digital

2D Graceful Graphics

illustrations and concept art

Flash-y Games

Welcome-to-play flash games

Animations and Videos

Hand-drawn animations, photomatics and animaticsĀ ……

Weird Creatures

Tangible dolls, sculptures and Installation artĀ ……

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Gamayun, a ballad of Character Development

Everyone thrives on tales, a tapestry of images, which we remember from our childhood. Some characters are familiar to everyone and can be brought to memory with a snip of a finger, clear as a spring. The others, however, are still undiscovered, blank-spaces at the map of well-known tales. And as every proper tale, this one started with a challenge.

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Every three minutes one person on the planet develops dementia. The risk of the disease increases with age; no cure is known. Nowadays many people find one of their beloved parents or grandparents affected by the disease. The precious time they could have spend together is stained, for they know that those who are afflicted with it will lose the connection with reality bit by bit and in the end will not even be able to recognise their kin. While it is not scientifically proven that any memory trainers help to cure the brain cells, it is generally observed that a good mood slows down the decline towards the more severe stages. Regrettably, there are not many games or any other suitable forms of meaningful relaxation suitable for people with dementia nowadays.

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The Reel

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