Mint Biography

“I deeply believe that a good story means as much as a skillful representation, and long to help making ‘stories’ that inspire others.

In a year of 1992 in Moscow, a girl was born whose parents named her ‘Maya’, which means ‘an illusion’. That sealed the girl’s fate and secured her passionate interest in things that are created by the power of human imagination, such as stories, fine art and 3D worlds.
As a fresh Bachelor of Art and Technology faculty of Saxion University of Applied Sciences, she is an aspiring concept artist, an illustrator and a 3D-modeler. Among her hobbies are translating works of insane English poetesses into even more insane Russian language and collecting after-coffee-mints tins.
She dreams of 3 things: work on the visualization of “The Poison Eaters” by Holly Black, draw a graphic novel based on Felix Yusupov’s memoirs, and bring to a 3d-life the world of The Deathless by Catherynne M. Valente. At present she is living in Netherlands, with a skeleton called Vasiya.

P.s If you keen on paper letters (as I do), you are most welcome to write one to me.