Something about lost boys and wellingtons

Allow me to introduce you to The Grey Herald and a short animatic “The Wellingtons” about his adventures.

Grey (Twilight) Heralds abide at swamps and are most active at night-time. Swift and painfully young by looks, Grey Heralds visually do not grow old, their average physical complexion is equal to our teens and the oldest of them have an appearance of our young adults. However, their complexion is marked by skinny bat wings and duck legs. The interesting fact is that there is no female equivalent of this species. Therefore, Grey Heralds are believed to be transformed souls of young boys, who went missing on swamps. Usually, they live as large communities with strong sense of comradeship. Harmless, if not to say shy and mistrustful of humans, they eat mosquitos and raw fish. Although they have menacing sharp piranha-like teeth, they will rather frighten the intruder into falling into a swamp by flapping of their wings, rather than engage themselves into an actual combat. Sometimes, they may even help lost children (only girls) to find a way out of swamps, at the same time they are quite hostile toward adults. Possessing exceptional hearing abilities they can be hypnotized by music, which they adore. Their main function is to pass messages between swamp creatures and forest creatures: official invitations for important seasonal festivities, such as Halloween, or merchant-proposals, family news, but mainly they are known for announcing funerals.

For a more detailed credits on the animatic, please, follow the link to vimeo. Take into account that it is an animatic, so there is no ‘real’ animation here.
Used tools: Adobe Photoshop(for the concept art and sketches), Adobe Premiere (for animatic editing, according to the assignment criteria), Audacity (for foley)