The Lorelei Stone

The assignment was to chose a poem/song/story, create a concept based on it and then bring it into life as a sculpture. My idea was shaped around Lorelei by Sylvia Plath. The object itself is known as ‘Lorelei (Suicide) Stone':

Lorelei (Suicide) Stone abides near rivers and looks like a common stone that one chose to commit a suicide by drowning. However, if a person changes his mind, female hands will extrude out of a Lorelei Stone and make sure that a suicide is properly completed. It is also reported to posses an ability to sing and lure passer-byes, telling them about sweetness of grief, despair and death.

Used materials: A metallic wire, a tape, polymer clay of 2 colours, fake nails, glitters, nail polish, liguid nails glue, a stone, a rope