The Spiderhorse

Strangely, but imaginary beings, the creatures which do not exist, like a lion-headed mermecolion or a sea-dog always seemed more real and complete to me, rather than a common bestiary taught to every child at a kindergarden. It is not surprising that after a certain time my dreams have started to compete with medieval monks and given birth to your my own, dear monsters.
A spiderhorse is known for its speed; however instead of being a necessary companion of hard-working heralds it is more commonly used as a tool of war due to its fierce temper combined with an astonishing endurance. Their fangs are extremely poisonous and are used both to immobilise a prey as well as to ease a digestion process. As to habitat the spiderhorses prefer dry and dark places, a solitary hunt and occasional taste of human flesh (one human body can provide them with food for approximately a week).

As for the technical part there are two set of lightning situation. The second one is more ‘attentive’ to fur, so to say. The texture is handpainted in Z-brush and later edited in Photoshop.


Points: 1.20 Mil
Subdivisions: 4
Textures: 2, diffuse and cavity
Texture resolution: 2k
Used tools: Pixologic Z-Brush, Adobe Photoshop