Where the unknown paths unravels(c)

I count myself among the believers that fairy-tales shape a person like nothing else. It is not a surprise then that in an older age we often try to recreate dreams that haunted our childhood. Here is an Atmospheric 3D Artwork inspired by a traditional Russian tale, featuring Baba Yaga and her famous Hut On The Chicken Legs. The colour palette was heavily inspired by Ivan Bilibin’s illustrations for ‘Vasilisa the Beautiful’. I could not resist playing with the hut concept and making it more kitschy and Baroque-like than the original. Naturally that decision influenced the music choice as well, for what does suit a whimsical elegance more than Vertinsky?
Here you can find a detailed description of some used model.

All Textures and Models are custom-made. Animation is done in Unity. Programming in Java. The Music-mash up is based on Alexander Vertinsky’s “The Tired Sun”/ “Ytomlennoie Solche”. Used tools: Autodesk Maya, Unity 3D, Adobe Photoshop, nDo, Audacity.